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David Darracott, Georgia author of the year, 2015

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"The democratization of Publishing"


As writers, we pour blood, sweat, and tears into executing themes, plots, characters, and stories which we hope can entertain, engage, or improve the world in some measurable way, but if your name is not "King", "Patterson", of "Grisham" you are one of millions each year who complete your work of fiction in total silence, no fanfare, no royalty advancements, no agents pounding at your door to negotiate deals for you. Amazon and publishing on-demand has helped bridge the gap, but on Web2 your phenomenal book still lingers in obscurity -- is still subject to the  horrifying amount of time and marketing efforts you can generate among your private fanbase - your personal "Followers". Nearly all authors are still subject to the vagaries of "Gatekeepers" and their opinions about the coming market trends.

     Blockchain technology, Web 3, and allows us the opportunity to bypass the "gatekeepers". It gives all of us a chance to support and invest in the authors and work we, as a community, democratically decide are most ready for wide publication. Web3 and blockchain technology, still in its infancy, offers unique opportunities for us to gather and promote Authors and Readers as a collective devoted to publications of substantive value.



GA Writers Association 2015 Author of the Year. "The Young Bull, Hemingway"  A graduate of Emory University,  David Darracott's short stories and nonfiction have appeared widely in magazines as well as television and film productions. He holds a Masters degree in English and received Hambidge Fellowships in 2009 and 2010.  As a speaker and university lecturer, he frequently holds seminars and classes on writing.  He also wrote;



Internal Security

Photographer/writer/producer Michael Mollick had some limited Hollywood success with his very first screenplay called "Lamb of God" which is now becoming an NFT Novel. "It was on the hot list making its rounds among studios and it was highly praised".  He has a knack for discovering secret histories, then translating those into modern stories.


Lamb of God

The Masq of Time


A graduate of Tulane University undergraduate and Emory University School of Law, Lynn Garson's first novel "Southern Vapors in 2012 launched her avocation as a mental health activist and she has since written and spoken widely on the topic, including a TEDx Emory talk.  On the lighter side is a dating recovery memoir, "Sex and the Single Grandma". Lynn practices healthcare law at Baker & Hostetler in the firm’s Atlanta office, specializing in employment and practice alignments.

A graduate of Yale University, Larry practiced tax and corporate law for twenty years before quitting to Found a Non-Profit Organization for Parkinson's Disease.



The Jinx


King of Paine

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Are you an author ready to embrace the new market potential of Web3? We're looking for good writing partners with completed manuscripts that sizzle. Shill us your most exciting elevator story pitch and we may ask to review your registered or copyrighted manuscript. The current DAO members will vote on your tokenized partnership inclusion to Atlanta Writers DAO. We have big plans and would love to make you a DAO partner participant. Intellectual property rights will be guaranteed by smart contract to remain with each individual writer. You can become your own Gatekeeper.

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